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Eligible, but excluded: A guide to removing the barriers to jail voting

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Most of the 746,000 people incarcerated in jails can vote, but nearly-insurmountable barriers prevent them from doing so. In this report with Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr.'s Rainbow PUSH Coalition, we provide a concise guide to understanding which people in jail in every state are eligible to vote (including a handy flowchart and 50-state table), and explain how advocates and elected officials can bring down the logistical barriers that prevent people in jail from having their votes counted.

Mass incarceration, state by state

Learn about the national prison crisis and how we can begin to turn the tide on mass incarceration. Then, drill down to your state. Be sure to also check out our pages focused on D.C., and the incarceration of Native people.

If our work is new to you, you might want to check out our 2022-2023 annual report.

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